Supplying Artwork


When uploading or supplying files to REMPRINT please follow the below specifications to ensure we can quickly and easily print your artwork. 






Our preferred file format for print ready documents is PDF. PDFs preserve all content in its original, desired state. Thus all fonts, colours, images and layout remain in tact. Please note that PDFs are not meant to opened or modified once they have been created - changes can only be made to the original files and then re-exported as a PDF.

Ensure that your PDF files are flattened, in CMYK format with OVERPRINTS TURNED OFF. Supply with crop/trim marks and that your artwork is centered in your document.


If you are using Microsoft software (Word, Publisher etc) it is essential that you convert these to pdfs before sending them to us - we do not accept art supplied in Microsoft software formats.


Documents must be supplied at correct standard sizes (see below), ie: A4 not, for example, letter (a US standard size). Please check your sizes before supplying them. Custom/incorrect sizes will incur extra setup charges.



Business Card Standard 90 x 55mm

A0 - 841 x 1189mm

A1 - 594 x 841mm

A2 - 420 x 594mm

A3 - 297 x 420mm

A4 - 210 x 297mm

A5 - 210 x 148.5mm

A6 - 148.5 x 105mm

A7 - 74 x 105mm

A8 - 52 x 74mm

Standard DL - 100mm x 210mm






All documents must be supplied in CMYK. Documents supplied in RGB will be likely to print colours slightly off target.


All documents and images should be supplied at 300dpi. Documents with facing pages (books, booklets etc) should not be exported with or as spreads (two pages side by side). Always supply such documents with individual/single pages.


If your artwork spreads across facing pages make certain that no important elements such as type runs across the gutter of the page/s.




We recommend that you include the scoring option on all folder jobs to minimize cracking. Fold panels for A4-DL should be set from left to right








If your document has content that reaches the edge of the page, you must supply bleed. This means that photos, colour blocks and the like must be stretched to reach the 5mm bleed guide on your document. Please include trim marks and 5mm bleed when exporting your PDF files.



All images without bleed and text (white border around the page) should be kept at least 5mm from the trim to avoid trim errors.










Prevent bleeding and page creep on your order by ensuring a perimeter of 10mm on non-bleed images and text from trim lines, and a 5mm bleed



A text body in black should not be in registration black. Registration black contains all four colours when printing (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow), and in the process of offset printing it makes it extremely difficult to print, and uses more ink than necessary in laser or digital. Never have text within 5mm of the edge of the document.


Always proof read your documents, or have someone else read it for you. When a document has been supplied to print, it is assumed that it is ready to print and already proofed.


REMPRINT cannot accept responsibility for incorrect supplied documents.


When exporting your files for prints please ensure that all fonts are converted to paths/curves to avoid font issues.


Flight Check


We strongly recommend a flight checking application is used to check the integrity of the PDF prior to sending to REMPRINT 


Storage of Files


REMPRINT does not undertake archiving, retrieval and supply of customer data.